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EEG topograph (deluxe type)
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1. Features:

  Full Chinese menu: EEGs for various monopolar, bipolar and custom leads: real-time acquisition, dynamic scrolling monitoring: scrolling playback, arbitrary interception of data to analyze brain topographic maps in various frequency bands, and absolute absolute topographic map , Relative layered topographic map: histogram, waveform dynamic topographic map: high-definition color inkjet printing multiple reports: case library classification management: multiple event descriptions.

Trinity of digital EEG, topographic map and EEG (video) monitoring;

Hardware switching, waveform distortion-free;

The anti-jamming performance and sensitivity are improved simultaneously.

2. Scope of application:

  EEG signal analysis, collection and management, for intracranial infectious diseases, meningitis, encephalitis, brain abscess, epilepsy, neurasthenia, insomnia and certain pediatric diseases. The positioning, diagnosis, and classification guidance for gas, pesticide poisoning, and concussion, especially in the diagnosis of brain nerves and general brain trauma, provide important basis for cerebral resuscitation and nerve rehabilitation.

3. Clinical significance of video EEG:

The biggest advantage of video electroencephalogram is to distinguish epilepsy and non-epileptic seizures by observing the clinical manifestations at the time of seizure. Compared with the synchronized electroencephalogram, it can more accurately determine the nature and type of seizures, and can accurately grasp the patient. In each time period of the activity state and the corresponding EEG changes, promptly find and eliminate various interference artifacts and electrode failures. Therefore, video EEG monitoring provides an accurate and reliable basis for identifying seizures, determining the type of seizures, and evaluating the clinical relationship of EEG.

4. The clinical significance of flash stimulation on EEG:

The light has a certain frequency, which can stimulate brain waves with the same rhythm as flash. Flash stimulation will stimulate seizures. The visual center is in the occipital area. If the patient is seizures during flash stimulation, you can determine whether the focus is on Pillow area.


Charge code:

310100001: EEG 39 yuan

310100002: Special EEG (Video EEG) 91 yuan

310100003: 52 yuan for topographic map of the brain

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