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EEG topograph (standard type)
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Product features and technical parameters

1. The measuring voltage range should be controlled within 25μV~200μV, and the error should not exceed ±10%;

2. The time interval is 1s, and the error does not exceed ±5%;

3. The time constant is 0.1s, and the error does not exceed ±40%;

4. The frequency range is 1 Hz to 30 Hz, and the deviation does not exceed +5% to -30%;

5. Noise level, not more than 5μV (peak-to-peak value);

6. Common analog ratio, the total analog ratio of each channel is not less than 80dB;

7. Withstand polarization voltage, add DC polarization voltage of ±300mV, the deviation should not exceed ±5%;

8. Processing function of quantitative EEG:

 a) Lead compilation provides unipolar, bipolar, and customizable leads; b) Select the state to be recorded during patient testing and define the colors of various states; c) Can register patient information card; d) Can zoom The original EEG waveform can be filtered and limited to remove interference; e) The waveform can be selected and printed by the printer.

9. EEG processing function:

 The EEG-A digital electroencephalography topography instrument has the simultaneous acquisition of 16-lead electroencephalogram signals: EEG topographic map drawing function, voltage and frequency measurement function; 3D topographic map display function; case library classification management function; multiple event description functions; Spectral array, histogram, curve, percentage and spike wave topographic map display function; data storage and loading function; graphic data printing function.

10. Spectrum analysis

 a) It can depict the spectrum analysis histogram and spectrum curve; b) The printer can print out EEG, color topography and spectrum histogram; c) It can store 24 hours EEG

Scope of application:

  For quantitative processing of human brain electrophysiological signal data, analysis function.

Charge code:

310100001: EEG 39 yuan

310100002: Special EEG (Video EEG) 91 yuan

310100003: 52 yuan for topographic map of the brain

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