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ECG Workstation (Deluxe)
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Technical Parameters

1. Power supply: AC 220V; frequency: 50Hz

2. Safety classification: Type I, BF type

3. Input power: 200VA;

4. Sensitivity and error: ≤5%

5. Time constant: ≥3.2s

6. Amplitude and frequency characteristics: the frequency range corresponding to the amplitude change between -10% and +5% is 1Hz to 60Hz

7. Input impedance: ≥2.5MΩ

8. Common mode rejection ratio: common mode rejection ratio for 10V 50Hz AC interference, each lead ≥80dB

9. Protective ground impedance: The impedance between the protective ground pin in the input plug of the network power supply and all accessible metal parts of the protective ground, ≤0.1Ω.


1. Collect data at one time and share multiple analysis: only need to collect data once, it can be automatically converted to a variety of other format data, you can use a variety of analysis methods to analyze the data, analysis methods include: QT, QTc dispersion measurement , Frequency-domain ECG analysis, ECG vector analysis (time ECG and continuous time ECG), ventricular late potential analysis (time domain, frequency domain, time-frequency), high-frequency ECG analysis, heart rate variability analysis (H Domain, frequency domain, nonlinear), RT interval variability analysis (time domain, frequency domain, nonlinear), etc.

2. ECG instant memory function: 12-lead ECG synchronous sampling and recording time can be flexibly set (up to 5 minutes), using reverse time recording method, when the doctor sees the abnormal waveform on the screen, just click "stop" "Key to ensure that abnormal waveforms have been recorded in real time, to prevent missing.

3. Lead mode automatic conversion function: The system can automatically convert the ECG data collected in Wilson lead mode into Frank lead data. That is, when analyzing the ECG vector chart of the patient, one method is to directly collect the synchronized 12-lead ECG data in the Wilson lead mode, and the system automatically calculates the simulated ECG vector chart. The other method is to collect the Frank lead mode. Digital heart vector images (need to be re-acquired), collecting heart vector images through the interchange of the two modes, which brings great convenience to doctors in clinical use.

Charge code:

310701001-b: Routine ECG check 36 yuan

310701004: Spectrum ECG 60 yuan

310701012: ECG vector diagram 48 yuan

310701015: Ventricular late potential 84 yuan

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