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ECG workstation (standard type)
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Technical Parameters

1. Sensitivity: divided into 3 grades of 5mm/mv, 10mm/mv, 20mm/mv, and the error range is ±5%.  Input loop current: each input impedance is not greater than 0.1μa. Sampling frequency: ≥512Hz, sampling accuracy: 12 bits

2. Minimum detection signal test: It can detect the sine signal deflected at 10hz and 20μv (peak-to-peak value). 

3. Polarization resistance voltage: plus ±300mv DC polarization voltage, the sensitivity variation range is ±5%. 

4. Noise level: ≤15μvp-p, common lead rejection ratio of each lead ≥90db, amplitude frequency response ≥0.05hz~75hz  

5. Baseline stability: when the power supply voltage is stable: the drift of the baseline is not greater than 1mm, when the power supply voltage transient fluctuations: the drift of the baseline is not greater than 1mm, when the sensitivity changes (no signal input), its displacement does not exceed 2mm. 

6. Temperature drift: In the temperature range of 10 ~ 35 ℃, the average baseline drift does not exceed 0.5mm / ℃. 

7. Input impedance: ≥2.5mω 

8. Low frequency characteristics: time constant is not less than 3.2s. Recording speed: 12.5, 25, 50mm/s


Synchronous 12-lead ECG measurement analysis; QT, QTC dispersion measurement analysis; frequency domain ECG analysis; ECG vector measurement measurement analysis; time ECG and continuous time ECG

Ventricular late potential analysis (time domain, frequency domain, time-frequency); high-frequency electrocardiogram

Heart rate variability analysis (time domain, frequency domain, nonlinear); RT interval variability analysis (time domain, frequency domain, nonlinear)

Windows operating system, full Chinese interface, fast and convenient operation.

USB 2.0 communication interface, double isolation, with high anti-jamming capability, support direct plug-in and plug-and-play when powered on

12-lead ECG automatic diagnosis and analysis, multi-parameter settings.

The high-resolution ECG printout is good for long-term storage, and the printed ECG conforms to the international standard of the ECG system.

It has multiple printing report modes: including horizontal play, chest guide half-width printing, long-range printing, 12-lead simultaneous printing, etc. Support 12-lead long-range electrocardiogram printing, can choose 1 to 3 leads long-range printing, support network or no grid printing.

Complete medical record management system: quick query, classified statistics, deletion, modification, large-capacity storage, CD burning medical records, etc.

With a large number of diagnostic vocabularies, standardized diagnostic report forms can be generated without entering Chinese characters, and diagnostic results can be stored.

With electrocardiogram teaching system and anatomical map, it is convenient for clinical teaching.

The ECG report can be sent to the Internet for remote consultation.

Support a4 and b5 print report mode, convenient for hospital filing, support laser and inkjet printing.

It can record the patient's 12-lead synchronized ECG for 48 hours, and can choose to print the ECG at any time.

Charge code:

310701001-b: Routine ECG check 36 yuan

310701004: Spectrum ECG 60 yuan

310701012: ECG vector diagram 48 yuan

310701015: Ventricular late potential 84 yuan

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