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Medical imaging workstation
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GJ-7000 series imaging workstation is suitable for various imaging instruments. It is composed of cart, host, printer, display and medical imaging software. It mainly plays the role of processing, storing and transmitting the acquired medical images. Therefore, it can maximize the role of medical instruments and better meet the future development requirements of "digital technology" in medical imaging.

1. Complete image management software system. Under the Chinese operating environment of Windows, the integrated management of image collection, display, processing, storage and print output is realized; Chinese character input of patient data, Chinese report of diagnosis results and image output are supported. It helps doctors use images to explain the patient's condition.

2. Due to the use of computer image management technology, the current inspection results are compared with the standard atlas, which is of great value for scientific research, teaching and research.

3. The system can record and manage patient diagnosis and image data at each inspection, and provide a solid legal basis for the tracking of medical accidents and the medical legal affairs of other accidents.

4. Scope of application: Clinically applicable to color ultrasound, DR, CT, endoscopy, microscopic image signal image processing and file management.

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