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Colposcopy Deluxe Double Screen Type
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Using the new SONY camera module, rapid zoom, auto focus and manual focus, the image is clearly presented, providing excellent image quality for the clinic. Freeze, collect, electronic filter, white balance, automatic timing and other functions. The user-friendly operation panel conforms to the ergonomic design and can perform a variety of operations with one hand. High color rendering and homogeneous LED ring light source, close to daylight color temperature, showing true colors.

Combining professional colposcopy management software with quality control, standardization, networking and teaching, it comprehensively improves work efficiency and application experience, providing a complete solution and a comfortable and easy-to-use new experience for clinical operation and scientific research.

SONY HD imaging, 1080P HD video image output, resolution up to 1920*1080

External 8-inch high-definition color display, synchronized with the computer, real-time dual-screen display.

DSP dynamic auto-focus system, automatic white balance, color digital restoration, with manual focus adjustment.

22-inch brand high-definition LCD monitor, professional stand, 360 degree freely retractable rotation, equipped with Epson photo-grade ink for printer.

Image horizontal resolution ≥1000TVL; image spatial resolution ≥10.08lpmm

Working distance is 625px~1250px; light source irradiation intensity ≥2500LUX;

Temperature rise: no more than 1.0℃.

Full Chinese control interface, user-friendly programming.

The built-in dynamic filtering function provides high-quality real-time dynamic observation, highlights the focus of the lesion, and improves the accuracy of diagnosis. Each inspection can continuously collect 1 to 200 color static pictures.

Real-time dynamic image processing functions: zoom in, zoom out images, freeze, capture video playback, auto focus, storage, reproduction, image processing, etc.

Dynamic tracking, image acquisition and editing reports are carried out simultaneously.

The pictures are stored in JPEG and BMP common formats, which is convenient for individual call and supports conversion to DICOM format.

Professional medical record management system, can use fast file management, can back up medical records at any time or regularly.

The software supports users to freely modify multi-project parameters such as patient information options

There are a large number of professional diagnostic libraries for reference.

Automatic measurement of lesion circumference, area, text label

With acetic acid reaction and iodine test time display timing function

With RCI evaluation function

Has a unique comparative analysis function.

Free software upgrades for life.

With picture flip and negative image control, perfect video filtering function.

Various report forms are optional, and report forms can also be edited freely

The original photo-grade HP color inkjet printer prints beautiful graphic report forms.



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311201-a: Electronic colposcopy 100 yuan

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