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Standard Colposcopy
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Using the new SONY camera module, rapid zoom, auto focus and manual focus, the image is clearly presented, providing excellent image quality for the clinic. Freeze, collect, electronic filter, white balance, automatic timing and other functions. The user-friendly operation panel conforms to the ergonomic design and can perform a variety of operations with one hand. High color rendering and homogeneous LED ring light source, close to daylight color temperature, showing true colors.

Combining professional colposcopy management software with quality control, standardization, networking and teaching, it comprehensively improves work efficiency and application experience, providing a complete solution and a comfortable and easy-to-use new experience for clinical operation and scientific research.

Image resolution ≥550TVL

Depth of field of lens: 10~450mm

Field of view: 2.5~350mm

Lens focusing distance: 200~600mm

Lens illumination: greater than 2500Lux

Lens magnification: optical 28 times, clear image magnification up to 220 times

DSP dynamic auto-focus system, automatic white balance, color digital restoration, with manual focus adjustment

Lens color balance: automatic adjustment or manual adjustment

Lens SNR: ≥50dB

Close-up camera: satisfactory imaging beyond 10cm

Image printing method: support color printing of ordinary copy paper, inkjet printing paper and advanced photo paper.

Lens image freeze control: image acquisition method: foot switch, mouse, keyboard three methods of acquisition

Light source type: multi-point ring type, shadowless ultra-white, high-brightness LED semiconductor cold light source, featuring low temperature rise, high brightness and long life, uniform illumination, bright and vivid colors, and an average service life of more than 50,000 hours.

System image storage capacity: more than 2 million frames.

Number of continuous image acquisitions each time: default 20 images, can also be set freely.

Video recording function: with continuous video recording and movie playback function.

Lifting distance of lens holder: 60~150mm.


Charge code:

311201-a: Electronic colposcopy 100 yuan

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